Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunny's Miracle Balm Jamaican Me Crazy Review

So, in my swap box from Alaina, I also got Sunny's Miracle Balm Jamaican Me Crazy. I had seen this when she originally bought it and posted the one she got and saw the one she got a mutual friend. It sparked my interest and then I promptly forgot about it. Bunny's aren't know for their long term memory. Plus, I currently have Lush Lemony Flutter, Northern Star Cran-Orange Cuticle Oil, Julep Cuticle Oil and their Mighty Serum for Cuticles so I wasn't looking for one. Note, I had not been using any of these religiously.

Now, ever since I got a manicure at the salon back at the end of March and the lady cut my cuticles they have had issues. They keep tearing and they dry out and it's just not a good situation. That being said, I still was not being diligent in applying things, though I did use the Lemony Flutter at least a few times a week and it was helping my cuticles a little.

Well, then arrives this amazing smelling balm in a container like a carmex container. I have a thing for containers and for balms lol. I opened it, smelled it and fell in love. I immediately and I mean immediately started applying it. That was on Tuesday (today is Friday). Since then, I have carried it with me to work, in my purse, pulled it out and put it on my bedside table. Wherever I go, it goes. I sit at work, making phone calls and rub it in my cuticles lol. I say that I have been applying it maybe 5-6 times a day. Let me tell you, this stuff works AMAZING!!!!! It isn't oily or thick or too thin and doesn't come out in globs. It's really like the consistency of carmex lol. Can you tell I like Carmex? Anyways, rub it in and it just moisturizes and lasts. Not to mention your hands smell so good.

My cuticles have done a 180. I you look at my cuticles from a week ago to the post I just did on the You Polish you will see how nice they look now! When my phone charges I will do a comparison picture. I left my charger at work and my back up off brand charger is not doing the job. They still have a ways to go but the change in just 4 days is crazy!!It seems like it will last quite awhile and to me is a steal at $5 for 3 of the containers!! If you don't want to spend $16 on Lush Lemony Flutter but want a just as amazing product I suggest you try this! The link below takes you to her shop and she has other scents as well! I know I will be ordering more to give as gifts and to keep in my purse, desk, nightstand, everywhere!!

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