Sunday, March 31, 2013

OMG Ahmazing!! L A Girl 3D in teal dimension


I am in love. A lady on my swap group posted some swatches of this line last week. I made it my mission to find them and oh I am not disappointed!! It's a beautiful deep teal color with holographic glitter. Wonderfully smooth application and just gorgeous!! I can't wait to take a picture in the sun. I really need to start doing my manis during the day lol. I have seche vite as the base coat and then two coats of the polish. The pictures don't do it justice. I only bought four colors but I will be going back for the rest of the line. I can't stop staring at my nails!! And this totally makes up for the julep fail that messed up my night. Ladies go try these!!!

Julep Eden and Rock Candy Nail Glaze


I love the deep purple color but once again I dislike julep and their stupid clumpy formula. Blah. It was hard and thick to put on and dried with no shine. The pinky is the rock candy alone and my middle finger is Eden with rock candy on top. I couldn't tell much of a difference. This is topped with Essie good to go which made it shine. I may keep a few of the colors just because I love the colors I'm not sure yet but I will swap most of them. Julep just isn't for bunnies.

Julep. Just can't do it

Ok I'm done with julep. I've tried to like their stuff and was so excited about the new colors I got. Their polish is just thick and clumpy and the brush sucks. I've bought better drugstore polish. I won't be using them again. I know some ppl who love them and I wanted to. But I don't. Boo. It's not just a color all of them are thick and clumpy. I already don't paint my nails great but at least with a good formula they come out nice. These formulas just suck. I won't be ordering anymore boxes. End of rant. Fifty bucks wasted. Except for the two beauty products I got. Maybe they should stick to those. End of rant lol

Julep Kaylen from The Brights Collection


First off I'm not a fan of orange but I figured I'd try this. It's my least favorite colorwise from the collection and that held true on my nails. I was hoping for a more bright orange like my cousins I posted earlier. This is a more dull Halloween type of orange. Two coats made it opaque but was still a bit streaky. It dries very dull but a top coat of Essie good to go shined it up a bit. Was a bit thick and clumpy applying as well. Overall just not for me but maybe for someone else! This will go in my swap box!!

My weight loss


So the other night going through pictures I didn't really realize how much weight I have lost. I think my scale has a mind of its own but as far as a non scale victory I'm on a size 11 tightly lol and a 13 comfortably. I love it!! I want my tummy to go down more and tone things up but I'm happy on the path I'm on. The fluffy picture if me is September 2011 and the thinner picture is March 2013. What a difference!! I really had no clue what I looked like till this new picture and when I went shopping and Kay pointed out the clothes I was picking up were way to big for me lol. I haven't been exercising I have to say its the pills I'm on for my back and I just eat smaller portions but still what I want. I'm sure at some point I will hit a plateau and have to change things up. As far as exercise I have to wait till I'm done with back surgery but regardless I'm happy with my new less fluffy self!!

Happy Easter Bunny Dinner!!


I've totally been slacking (again) this last week with cooking. Just tons going on it seemed so I made sure I cooked a great Easter dinner for us. Brown sugar ham and roasted chicken with greens, baked Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato salad, crossiant rolls and deviled eggs. It was super super yummy and as always tons of leftovers!!

Our first Broadway Show!!


So for years and years I've dreamed of seeing a show on Broadway. Rent was one of my top picks but I was a few years to late for it. Last time we lived in NYC we didn't go to Broadway and I was super sad so this time I didn't miss the chance!! We went to see Wicked Saturday afternoon and OMG was it amazing!! A few times before I saw it I griped about the price but I can totally say it was worth it. The songs were beautiful, it was super funny and really just indescribable. I think everyone should see a Broadway show once! I have to admit I'm hooked. I loved seeing Defying Gravity my favorite and my cousin Theresa's favorite song in person. Kay loved it and all last night and today we have been singing numbers from the show. I grabbed a tshirt and some souvenirs for my cousin and some friends and took as many pictures as I remembered to lol. I do have to admit for weeks I looked forward to this and not only did I wake up late I had the time wrong so we had to rush and get ready and hop a cab there. My long leisurely preparation with a lush bath and great hairstyle were thrown to the wind but once I was there it didn't matter. I'm so excited to go again!! I think the next one will be the lion king but before that we plan to go to Brooklyn Arts and Music Dance Africa that's coming in May!

Nail mail!!


I received the two opi from a swap buy I did. It's Opi yodel me on my cell and ski teal we drop. The other four are from a swap. It's Essie beach bum Blu, borghese stellare Norte, china glaze unplugged and orly shockwave. I didn't notice how much I'm startin to gravitate toward blues!!

My April Turn on the Brights Julep Box


It came!! I am sooooo excited to try these colors out!! Usually every month I forget to choose my box and get stuck with stuff I don't want and colors I don't care for. I am a huge fan of julep products and like the polish just usually not the colors. This month I loved all the bright colors so much I couldn't pass them up!! I really was logging on just to make sure I got a few cute colors to try out with the mighty nail & cuticle serum but ended up getting them all!! It also came with dry shampoo I can't wait to try as well since I love got2beu dry shampoo and conditioner. Now the mighty nail & cuticle serum has keratin for your nails and collagen for your cuticles. Your supposed to apply twice daily for two weeks then once a week for maintenance. Between this and my lemony flutter my cuticles should be the shizz nit!! Photos of my mani with these colors coming soon!!

My Easter Bunny Mani


Soooo for my big trip to see Wicked on Broadway and in honor of Easter and my yellow dress I went to the salon and had my nails and piggies done. I chose China Glaze Fancy Pants from the Avant Garden collection as the base it's a purple color with a bit of a shimmer. For the polka dots I used Aeropostle polish in yellow. We added a cute bunny in a yellow dress to match mine. My piggies were done the same minus the bunny and just polka dots on the big toes. Turned out super cute but between dishes and cooking Easter dinner it's chipped :( so I will be posting my new mani tonight. I'm trying to figure out how to keep the bunny on :)

My cousins Salon Perfect Traffic Cone Mani


Ok soooo I didn't post on Friday because I got my nails done at a salon (will post those in a sec) and I went to broadway Saturday. But my cousin Theresa over at messners.wordpress got an amazing new color!! I'd like to take partial credit for her newfound polish love but I sure cant take credit for her pretty nails!! She used Sally Hansens double duty for her base and top coat which also prevents chipping. This is two coats of the traffic cone which is an amazing bright color!! She did say that it dried a little dull which I found to be true with most neons but that the top coat brought it back shiny. I think this is a great color on her and an awesome color for spring!! I'm totally jelly of her nails!! I'm sending her a julep pastel green this week so I can't wait to post pics soon!! Love love her nails n how her swatch shot looks so great I need to learn hand modeling from her!! Lol. Be sure to follow her blog as well!! This has been another installment of bunny and her love of polish brought to you by Theresa!! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

China Glaze Holographic Galactic Gray


Here's my mani for tonight!! So far so good on a mani a day. This is China glaze holographic galactic gray. It's a pretty silver holo. The top right captures it the best. I'm betting in the sun it will be super holo. I really need to start trying to do them during the day so I can get sunlight shots but I'm such a vampire bunny so meh. This is three coats. I have to say so far I'm not super super impressed with the line. I love them because they have slight holo and its china glaze one of my Fav brands but I've seen better holos that hold up even under regular lighting. But I'm still glad it's in my collection!!

More cute bunny things!!


I also grabbed these two neon basic tanks from Aero. Great to wear alone or under some shirts I already have and those basic sweatpant material comfy shorts!! The pink lace tank is normal in the front and lace in the back. Super adorable. Finally those skinny jeans are pastel flower print. I never would of picked them out Kay did but they look super cute on and they were a size 11!!!

Spring shopping!!


The past few weeks I've been shopping for spring and summer stuff. Mainly because I've dropped two to three sizes from my clothes I wore last year and also because I am in love with these spring colors. I am normally not a bright color person and I always shy away from yellow and green but I've been converted!! I thought they didn't look right with my skin tone but I was wrong!! I totally fell in love with these three dresses. The first dark yellow Kay picked out for me to wear Saturday to see wicked on broadway!! I love it because its reminiscent of the Marilyn Monroe type of dress and the color is soooo popping!! The middle one though you can't see very well has neon yellowish green under the white lace. So cute and I got neon yellowish green sandals to match. That was from aeropostle and they had fifty off everything in the store. How could I refuse that!! The third one is pink and covered in sequins. Just a cute slip dress but this bunny is loving it!! I had a great shopping day today with Kay!!!

My Butter London Cherrry is Popped


I've been wanting to try butter London and found this cute set with the lippy lipgloss for ten bucks at nordstorm rack. I scooped it up!! It's more of a top coat but I'm happy to add it to my collection. I'm still lusting after dark knight but it shall be mine one day!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A very Fuxzy Bedazzled Mani


I like Kay pick out my polish tonight. We went with China Glaze Sunday Funday from the Avant Garden collection. The first pic is a base of Essie first base and two coats of the polish. Kay decided I should Fuxzy Bedazzle it because as some of you know I laid her in a egg, hatched her then bedazzled her and now she is Fuxzy bedazzled lol. So she wanted me to add China Glaze Luxe and Lush on top. It makes it look pretty kind of like stars in the sky. I love this spring color!!

China Glaze Holographic Infra Red


Here's the first one out the holo line I bought that I tried out. I love love the color. It's not quite as holographic as I was hoping but I think once I find some sun it will show better. Regardless the color is awesome and it was as usual with china glaze a smooth and easy application. This is no base coat or top coat just three costs of the polish. First coat was opaque but a bit streaky I could of stopped with a second but I'm OCD about doing three coats. Enjoy!!!

Sephora lipgloss through Wrapped App


The other day Linda over at my two crazy curls introduced me to the wrapp app. She sent me a fab gift card for some polish I bought you will see soon. I also saw Andrea had sent me a sephora one I quickly used. I got this lipgloss set and samples for under ten bucks shipped. Great price!! The lipgloss is so pretty and not sticky at all. I'm also addicted to the wrapp app. You can send friends free gift certificates to a number of places or paid ones as well. Check it out!!

China glaze holographic infra red


Here's the first one out the holo line I bought that I tried out. I love love the color. It's not quite as holographic as I was hoping but I think once I find some sun it will show better. Regardless the color is awesome and it was as usual with china glaze a smooth and easy application. This is no base coat or top coat just three costs of the polish. First coat was opaque but a bit streaky I could of stopped with a second but I'm OCD about doing three coats. Enjoy!!!

Guy Fieri Cast Iron Grill Pan


So excited!! It finally got here!! Over the years and my moves I have lost the majority of my collection of cast iron pans. I absolutely love cooking with them especially for frying!! A friend of mind Elisa found these on sale with free shipping so I paid like 19 bucks shipped which is great for this quality. I can't wait to try it out! Between my Rachel Ray set and Paula Dean with a few more of these I will be set. What's your favorite type of cooking pan?

Nail Mail from Tranzdesign


Last week when the China Glaze holographic polishes started coming out I worried where I would find them. Yes, worried lol. My fellow nail buddy Ci told me about Tranzdesign. They had amazing prices and shipped quickly. I want all the CG holos but I chose the ones I wanted most, first. The main one When Stars Collide I wanted was out of stock. Boo. I did get Not in this Galaxy, Infra red, Take a trek, Galactic Gray and Strap on your Moonboots from the CG holo collection. They are the ones with the silver tops. I also got Deviantly Daring which collection it's from I don't remember but it's the one with the dark silver too. The last three are from the spring Avant Garden collection. There is Sunday Funday, Snap my Dragon and Fancy Pants. As you can imagine I can't wait wait to try these out. Since I'm trying to quit smoking I'm going to change my nail color everyday. That keeps me occupied and let's me try out these awesome new colors!

Meal Plan March 25- April 7th---Yes a Two Week Meal Plan~~

Breakfast for the second week is left out because I need some new ideas...pinterest here I come


Breakfast: Pancakes, bacon, fried eggs

Dinner: Cheese stuffed bacon wrapped chicken, home fries, mixed steamed veggies



Breakfast: French toast, sausage, eggs

Dinner:Cheese stuffed meatballs over rice w/side salad



Breakfast: Fried Donuts, polish sausage, eggs

Dinner: Chicken enchiladas, rice, beans



Breakfast: Biscuits, sausage, eggs

DInner: Chicken fried steak, corn, mashed tators and gravy



Breakfast: grab something out

Dinner: Bringing home burgers from Groupon



Breakfast:Pancakes, bacon, eggs (make double for Kay Sunday)

Dinner: Grabbing something out but for Kay to take to lunch crockpot terakyi chicken



Breakfast: pop up pancakes, polish sausage, eggs

Dinner: Easter Dinner Roasted chicken, small ham, greens, tators,mac n cheese, rolls




Dinner:Pesto chicken alfredo with garlic bread




Dinner: Beef & broccoli w/rice and egg rolls




Dinner: Stuffed Bread with Dipping sauce




Dinner:Roast chicken w/stuffing and cabbage



Eat out




Dinner: Curry chicken with rice & peas




Dinner: Fish, coleslaw, red potatoes and corn


As always, I have been slacking on this blog thing. I wake up in the morning and have a ton of things I plan to write or say or just a random great idea. By the time it gets to the end of the day, no blog is written. Granted, this is more for me than anything since it's not like a lot of people read it, but I really need to write more, for myself.
The past two weeks have been a bit hectic, I have had to do lots of errands and running around. I was off for a week between classes, I did finish my Immunology class with an A, and I started my Histology and Embryology class last Wednesday. This one looks like it will be the death of me. I had lots of stocking up to do for the house, a doctor appointment and just random other things.
I actually got Kay to go shopping with me and get some clothes for herself and not complain the whole time about the money being spent! Because I was out running around a lot I barely cooked so that meal plan, which I doubt I even posted, went out the window. I did find out that my case is moving forward with my lawyer for my back and once we have tentative approval I will be getting my back surgery which will be in May. That part sucks because I will be laid up in bed most of June and spend July doing physical therapy. At least I will get to enjoy part of summer because cold water or not Coney Island Beach here I come!
There was drama on the coupon page, drama in the nail groups, just drama period. Aside from that, everything went pretty smoothly. I have been staying up late at night and did sleep the day a way two days out of two weeks but that is better than everyday.
My MIL and Kay's little brother got back from the islands tonight and moved back in. So, this will be an adjustment, going back to living with people after it just being Kay and I. I hope I can hold on to my sanity. I just have to go with the flow more and not let every little thing get to me. Realize that I can only control my space and area, and let things go if the battle is not worth fighting.
Last week, I had my first hot stone massage and it was so awesome. That along with the facial made my week.
EXCITED!!!! This Saturday Kay and I are going to our first Broadway show, Wicked. I cannot wait I am so so so very excited! I bought a new dress to wear and I am so ready. Friday I am going in for an hour massage and a deep cleaning facial then getting a mani and pedi. I am going to be sparkling and ready to go let me tell you!
I think we are going to buy some bicycles this next week so we can go riding at the park now that the weather seems to be getting nicer. As we all know , the Groundhog is a liar. The day after the first day of Spring it snowed here....sigh....
We are also working on quitting cigarettes, again. Kay went the whole day without smoking. I am so proud of her! I had one, which is still better than 14 or so. I know its going to be a bit harder for me because I am home so much with time on my hands and my meds make me want to smoke. But some progress is better than no progress!
Well, that's my update in a nutshell. I hope everyone is doing great! I have been a little irritated because I have what I call a stalker. Everything I do she does, it kind of makes me feel sorry for her when I am not being irritated by it. You know I had to throw in a rant somewhere!! XOXO

My other addiction: Lush Lemony Flutter

My other addiction: Lush Lemony Flutter

For a few months I saw quite a few blog and instagram users I follow rave about this stuff. I have the Julep cuticle oil which I love but I was interested in a cream so I decided to check it out. Not only was it the best trip ever, because I fell in love with Lush and all it's wonderful products, the cuticle cream is A-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Not only does it smell like little drops of heaven (I fall asleep smelling my hands) it does a great job of moisturizing your cuticles and is great for rough spots on your elbows, heels, etc. It is a must have. I carry a tiny tub around in my purse and this stays next to my bed.

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

This is China Glaze Prism. I love love glitters so this is amazing to me. It has silver, purple, teal and pink glitters and I am assuming would look amazing in the sun. This is 2 coats over Essie first base base coat and Seche Vite fast dry top coat

In the beginning....

About a little over 8 months ago, I was having a vampire bunny moment. Up all night, couldn't sleep with absolutely no one around to talk to! I was hanging out on a coupon group I love and ran into a funny, witty and sarcastic lady named Tami. Who knew that she would be the beginning to my fall down the rabbit hole of polish. We discussed polishes we liked ( all I knew was OPI and a few drugstore brands) and she threw out tons of ones I had never heard of.

THEN, she gave me a link to the Layla holo's and changed my world lol. I immediately feel in love with it and made it my mission the next morning to drag Kay all over Miami until I found it. That was my first "expensive" polish and my first holo. From there on, I was addicted. It wasn't too bad at first since we were in the middle of a move and I just had a lot going on. But, as the months progressed and I talked with Tami and a few other ladies that loved polish my hobby grew. I figured there were a lot worse things that I could be addicted to and spend my money on, so why not this? After all, I have always been attracted to makeup and beauty products and anything with color and glitter.

I didn't seriously start "collecting" or expanding my collection till November. I started picking up ones that I saw around and even had it to where Kay would say as soon as we entered a store " I know you want a polish, go find one." I picked up ones here and there that caught my fancy, mostly being OPI or Nichole by OPI. Then I got on Amazon and oh boy.....My wishlist grew huge and I started buying more and more.

Come February, Tami asked if I wanted to join a birthday swap group, which is basically 12 ladies and each month is the birthday girl. All 11 ladies send polishes to her and then when it is your month you get 11 packages. I love mail, I love gifts and I love polish so what could be better than that? It's been a bit bumpy, with people coming and going but the group seems great now. I firmly believe that we should all get to know each other, because who wants to send gifts to strangers. In that group, my coupon buddy Linda (from the blog My Two Crazy Curls) was already there and then I met Alaina. She is my soul lesbian sister lol. Then of course there is Ci, who has the best nails ever, a huge collection and is full of surprises! I talk to these ladies constantly and Tami and Alaina are always there when I need them. Same twisted sense of humor and similar problems in life. What better thing, polish and new friends!

From there, I took part in a themed Bunny swap for Easter. I had a blast shopping for my international partner in Australia and was hooked! I did learn though, that just because you want to spoil your bunny or give her more than the minimum, not everyone is like that. It was a bit disappointing, but hey suck it up and move on. Since I am now sooooo excited to get a nail mail package I joined a monthly swap where you get a new partner every month and a package from them. This should satisfy my swap craving I think, lol.

Where I started out with maybe 40 polishes and just a wishlist in my head I now have about 138 polishes. They are even organized on a stash list! I have tons more coming in the mail that I can't wait to use and add to my list. I am still not "up" on the whole nail world as one polish snob was quick to point out, but my goal isn't to be the most knowledgeable or spend the most money or brag the most. It's just to collect things I love and to meet amazing people along the way. My wishlist is huge and contains tons of polish makers I had never heard of and I am getting to explore tons of brands. I am even slowly pulling my cousin Theresa into it and sending her polishes here and there that she may like. She looked great in the Ulta Envy color I sent her and she went and bought a bright yellow color that most spring lines have and it looks amazing on her. I never knew what a no buy was but I think I may have to put myself on one soon, lol.

I am trying to stop smoking and everyday that I don't smoke I am going to buy myself a polish. I failed today, boo but there is always tomorrow.

Basically, this is a little background on my journey into the polish world. I quite like it here and think I will stay for awhile!! I plan to post pics of my mani's with my polishes. I know they aren't the neatest, or the greatest. I know my nail beds aren't wonderful, or my nails long, or whatever else anyone likes to point out, but they make me happy and that's all that matter!!

So welcome and have fun along the way!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan 3/11-3/17

Ok, I must admit I have fallen off completely of my meal plan last week and only made a few things posted. I just wasn't in the mood to do it so it was more of a fend for yourself on most days. Sometimes, life gets hectic or you just don't feel like doing crap. What do you do to maintain your meal plans?



Breakfast: Omelettes stuffed with veggies and breakfast sausage

Dinner: Chicken wings, french fries and corn on the cob



Breakfast: Sausage, biscuits, gravy and eggs

Dinner: Frozen leftover roast, carrots, potatoes, croissant rolls



Breakfast: French toast, eggs and sausage

Dinner: BBQ smothered chicken and home fries



Breakfast: Bagel,egg, cheese and sausage

Dinner: Possibly eat out

Backup: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans



Breakfast: Pancakes, eggs and bacon

Dinner: Crockpot chicken Progresso pesto starter over noodles and garlic bread


Saturday: Grocery shopping so who knows?

Sunday: To be Announced

My Spring Break!!

I was extremely wishful as I noticed everyone posting about Spring Break and so on...till I looked at my calender and realized from this Wednesday to next Tuesday is my Spring Break from school!! After a long and tough Immunology Class I am totally looking forward to it. Of course, I was thinking relaxation and doing nothing...but that is kind of what I did last week minus household tasks. It was just way to cold to bother going anywhere so I stayed home and lounged around while watching Switched at Birth, my new favorite show.

Because of my doing nothing last week, this Spring Break won't be too relaxing though I am aiming for a spa day next Tuesday (fingers crossed). Seems, this up an coming week is going to be jam packed with things to do, but for once I am excited about it. I seem to be coming out of my funk and actually able to sleep at night and be up with the day time people. No more Vampire Bunny!! Granted, it mostly involves Doctor appointments and lots of running around, but at least I am doing something!

What are your Spring Break plans?


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let's Try Out: Clinique All About Eyes

Let's Try Out: Clinique All About Eyes

Recently, I received a tube of the Clinique All About Eyes in a beauty bag from my Aunt. I normally do not use many face products besides moisturizer on a daily basis. I rarely wear foundation and only occasionally powder, so moisturizer is my go-to. BUT, I am getting older and I have started to notice the fine lines, dark circles and puffiness under my eyes that come with that. My sleep schedule probably doesn't help very much either. With that being said, I am going to try this out 2 times a day (morning and evening) and see what the results are. It promises to lighten the circles under my eyes and to reduce the puffiness. Let's see if this is worth the $30-45 bucks a jar that it sells for. I will post an update next week to see where we are at, progress wise! Here's to getting older and trying to stop the progression lol.

Friday, March 1, 2013

On the Floor...

On the Floor...

I am in such a funk lately and I just can't figure out how to get out of it. I don't want to do anything, heck I barely want to get out of bed. Not that I actually allow myself to stay in bed except once a week when the feeling overtakes me. I don't know if it's the weather and no sunshine outside combined with things going on in my personal bunny world or what.... but I NEED to get out of it! I am getting things done, but at the last minute or feel as though I am half assing them. Anyone else ever get like this? What do you do to pull yourself out of it? I'm trying to organize everything at home and make a schedule and to do list to motivate me. I know partly it's my pills that make me stay up up up and then crash for hours. Unfortunately, until my surgery I am stuck taking them... Ugh I just feel like a big ole mess. Not a cool feeling at all...sigh

Weekly Meal Plan 3/4-3/10


Breakfast:Blueberry Muffins, bacon, scrambled eggs

Dinner:Chicken enchiladas, borracho beans, spanish rice


Breakfast: Biscuits with sausage gravy, fried taters, scrambled eggs

Dinner: Stuffed chicken breast, rice, veggies


Breakfast: pancakes, bacon,eggs

Dinner: Chicken alfredo, garlic bread, salad


Breakfast: Blueberry muffins, sausage, boiled eggs

Dinner: Steak, baked potato, salad


Breakfast: Bagel with bacon egg and cheese

Dinner: Dinner out


Breakfast: Satlfish and bakes

Dinner: BBQ Smothered Cheese Chicken breasts & home fries


Breakfast: french toast, sausage, fried eggs

Dinner: Curry chicken, rice & peas, plantain, cabbage


I plan to try to stick to this all week. Lately, I have been in a funk and just not in my normal magical cooking mood. Well no more of that! Getting on the ball! Anybody have any great dinner recipes? I would love to hear about them to add to my meal plans!