Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As always, I have been slacking on this blog thing. I wake up in the morning and have a ton of things I plan to write or say or just a random great idea. By the time it gets to the end of the day, no blog is written. Granted, this is more for me than anything since it's not like a lot of people read it, but I really need to write more, for myself.
The past two weeks have been a bit hectic, I have had to do lots of errands and running around. I was off for a week between classes, I did finish my Immunology class with an A, and I started my Histology and Embryology class last Wednesday. This one looks like it will be the death of me. I had lots of stocking up to do for the house, a doctor appointment and just random other things.
I actually got Kay to go shopping with me and get some clothes for herself and not complain the whole time about the money being spent! Because I was out running around a lot I barely cooked so that meal plan, which I doubt I even posted, went out the window. I did find out that my case is moving forward with my lawyer for my back and once we have tentative approval I will be getting my back surgery which will be in May. That part sucks because I will be laid up in bed most of June and spend July doing physical therapy. At least I will get to enjoy part of summer because cold water or not Coney Island Beach here I come!
There was drama on the coupon page, drama in the nail groups, just drama period. Aside from that, everything went pretty smoothly. I have been staying up late at night and did sleep the day a way two days out of two weeks but that is better than everyday.
My MIL and Kay's little brother got back from the islands tonight and moved back in. So, this will be an adjustment, going back to living with people after it just being Kay and I. I hope I can hold on to my sanity. I just have to go with the flow more and not let every little thing get to me. Realize that I can only control my space and area, and let things go if the battle is not worth fighting.
Last week, I had my first hot stone massage and it was so awesome. That along with the facial made my week.
EXCITED!!!! This Saturday Kay and I are going to our first Broadway show, Wicked. I cannot wait I am so so so very excited! I bought a new dress to wear and I am so ready. Friday I am going in for an hour massage and a deep cleaning facial then getting a mani and pedi. I am going to be sparkling and ready to go let me tell you!
I think we are going to buy some bicycles this next week so we can go riding at the park now that the weather seems to be getting nicer. As we all know , the Groundhog is a liar. The day after the first day of Spring it snowed here....sigh....
We are also working on quitting cigarettes, again. Kay went the whole day without smoking. I am so proud of her! I had one, which is still better than 14 or so. I know its going to be a bit harder for me because I am home so much with time on my hands and my meds make me want to smoke. But some progress is better than no progress!
Well, that's my update in a nutshell. I hope everyone is doing great! I have been a little irritated because I have what I call a stalker. Everything I do she does, it kind of makes me feel sorry for her when I am not being irritated by it. You know I had to throw in a rant somewhere!! XOXO

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