Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nail Mail from Tranzdesign


Last week when the China Glaze holographic polishes started coming out I worried where I would find them. Yes, worried lol. My fellow nail buddy Ci told me about Tranzdesign. They had amazing prices and shipped quickly. I want all the CG holos but I chose the ones I wanted most, first. The main one When Stars Collide I wanted was out of stock. Boo. I did get Not in this Galaxy, Infra red, Take a trek, Galactic Gray and Strap on your Moonboots from the CG holo collection. They are the ones with the silver tops. I also got Deviantly Daring which collection it's from I don't remember but it's the one with the dark silver too. The last three are from the spring Avant Garden collection. There is Sunday Funday, Snap my Dragon and Fancy Pants. As you can imagine I can't wait wait to try these out. Since I'm trying to quit smoking I'm going to change my nail color everyday. That keeps me occupied and let's me try out these awesome new colors!


  1. Gorgeous choices. What's the shipping like on Trans, heard about it but never tried them.

  2. Thanks I love these I just need that purple one that I can't remember the name of. And some more avant garden ones. I fell in love with the colors I got. I paid 8 bucks for fed ex shipping for those ten? Polishes. So not horrible. I think Ci ordered tons and paid the same thing so I think it's set shipping. Better to order a lot at once.