Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Spring Break!!

I was extremely wishful as I noticed everyone posting about Spring Break and so on...till I looked at my calender and realized from this Wednesday to next Tuesday is my Spring Break from school!! After a long and tough Immunology Class I am totally looking forward to it. Of course, I was thinking relaxation and doing nothing...but that is kind of what I did last week minus household tasks. It was just way to cold to bother going anywhere so I stayed home and lounged around while watching Switched at Birth, my new favorite show.

Because of my doing nothing last week, this Spring Break won't be too relaxing though I am aiming for a spa day next Tuesday (fingers crossed). Seems, this up an coming week is going to be jam packed with things to do, but for once I am excited about it. I seem to be coming out of my funk and actually able to sleep at night and be up with the day time people. No more Vampire Bunny!! Granted, it mostly involves Doctor appointments and lots of running around, but at least I am doing something!

What are your Spring Break plans?


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