Sunday, March 31, 2013

My cousins Salon Perfect Traffic Cone Mani


Ok soooo I didn't post on Friday because I got my nails done at a salon (will post those in a sec) and I went to broadway Saturday. But my cousin Theresa over at messners.wordpress got an amazing new color!! I'd like to take partial credit for her newfound polish love but I sure cant take credit for her pretty nails!! She used Sally Hansens double duty for her base and top coat which also prevents chipping. This is two coats of the traffic cone which is an amazing bright color!! She did say that it dried a little dull which I found to be true with most neons but that the top coat brought it back shiny. I think this is a great color on her and an awesome color for spring!! I'm totally jelly of her nails!! I'm sending her a julep pastel green this week so I can't wait to post pics soon!! Love love her nails n how her swatch shot looks so great I need to learn hand modeling from her!! Lol. Be sure to follow her blog as well!! This has been another installment of bunny and her love of polish brought to you by Theresa!! :)

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