Thursday, November 21, 2013

La Bella Vernice Early Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

The amazing Roni over at La Bella Vernice is running an awesome sale! Buy one polish and get one 50% off and free shipping for orders over $50 international included!! She makes some amazing polish and some of you have been lucky enough to get her minis in orders from the Bunniful Shop!
She has awesome holos and anazung Christmas collection. These would be great gifts or stocking stuffers so head on over and check it out!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Groupon Deal! One Year Sam's Club Membership $45

Everytime I get a stipend check or extra money I've always thrown a few dollars onto my groupon account to have groupon bucks. These come in super handy when money is tight or when an awesome deal comes along that I may not have the money for at that time. 

So when I saw the groupon deal for the Sam's club membership I got super excited. Kay and I had been discussing purchasing a membership maybe next year when we had extra money. We figured it would be a good investment for when we get our house to stock up on supplies and purchase electronics. 

This deal was $45 for a one year membership. You got two household membership cards plus you can always bring on guest with you. So I decides to get myself a card and bring Kay as my guest and offered the other card to my brother and sister in law. With this deal you also received a $20 gift card, vouchers for free food and over $200 in coupons. In essence the groupon more than paid for itself. 

We went today and got our membership cards and spent a couple hours waking the store. Of course they were giving out food samples all over so we filled our bellies too! They had some awesome prices on things we use all the time as well as several things that are on my Christmas list for other people. I found the new Keurig I've been wanting since mine got damaged in shipping from NYC to Tulsa. It was an awesome price so that is probably where Kay will get it for me. And stop the presses!! They had adult size footie pajamas with a hood. Cutest things ever!! 

Anyways we decides to use our food vouchers to add to the pot roast that was cooking at home. We got a rotisserie chicken, scalloped cheesy potatoes and an apple pie free. Then we went looking for what to use the gift card on. After going back and forth we decided on an awesome fuzzy throw and a pack of two gel memory foam pillows. I also found some fuzzy slippers. We only ended up paying $2.07 in tax for all these items. So all in all a great trip! 

I think you can also use manufacture coupons there as well. What do you buy when you go there? What products are great prices to you?

Here's a few pictures of our goodies. Check out getting a membership I think it's worth it.  I believe the groupon deal is over but the memberships are still reasonably priced. 

Help Rachel out!!It's the season to give!! Please read!!

In my time in the nail community I have met some awesome ladies and some bat shit crazy ones. There's tons of fun and tons of drama. 
But recently I've been in an amazing group with some real life down to earth biotches!! (And I say that with love). During that time I've gotten to know Rachel. 
As times get rough for everyone at some point in their lives now is hers. Her husband and her are doing a fundraiser to help with the needs they have. You can read more about it here

What I'm asking you as my bunny friends to do is look in your heart and donate what you can. Nothing is too small or too large. If you need an incentive check out my page 
I am offering credits to be used in my store for different amounts donated. Also between now and the end of the month 2.00 of every order will be donated to her as well. This idea was thought of by Amy at avant garde laquer who also has a deal going on!! So I don't ask for much but I hope you take the time to read it. Share it with your friends!! Thank you!!

Bunny hop!!

Deborah Lippmann stronger created by Kelly Clarkson

This polish was on my wishlist and an awesome swap partner got it for me. This is the info listed on the description for it :

"part of Deborah's celebrity collection, STRONGER was created with Kelly Clarkson. 

"I love the way it sparkles and captures maximum light on stage. It's like jewelry for the nails!" - Kelly Clarkson

- tenacious vivacious violet (glitter)

- infused with Biotin, Green Tea and Aucoumea

- contains no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP

- never tested on animals"

It can be two coats for opaque or as I did one coat over a black base coat. It is super chunky and a bit goopy to apply but I love the end result. 

Application 3 out of 5 bunny tails

Overall 5 out of 5 bunny tails 

And please remember my nails aren't perfect and neither am I. I show my swatches as I apply it to wear for the next say. I don't do a whole bunch of fancy clean up. It's real life my bunny nails!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jade Violeta and Hard Candy Hip Hop Hooray

So I've decided I'm not good with wordy descriptive nail swatch posts. I'm just better at sharing with you my collection and love of it! So from now on usually two pictures more if it's fabulous and a rating one 1 to 5 bunny tails on application and 1 to 5 bunny tails on the polish overall. 5 is obviously the best! Now for reviews there will be a bit more detail. But if you are like me you just want to see what the polish looks like on. So without further ado!!!
Application 5 bunny tails for jade Violeta
                  2 bunny tails for hard candy
Overall 5 bunny tails for jade Violeta
            4 bunny tails for hard candy 

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's been awhile!!

As usual life seems to get in the way of me and my blogging. Or maybe it's my constant procrastinating. Whichever it is it's my favorite time of year so I am back and ready to go!!! 
I hope these next two months I can share tons of nail swatches, holiday foods and ideas with you. I have so many ideas!!
What is your favorite part of the holidays? Mine has to be the food and decorations. I am even more super excited because u got that awesome groupon deal to SAMs club. $45 for a year membership with a twenty dollar gift card and vouchers for free food. Me saving my groupon bucks for a broke time sure came in handy!! I love SAMs at the holidays because of the awesome holiday snacks they have. 
I'm off to make some blog swatches. Until next time!
Happy bunny tales!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

A 3 in one review post!!

It's fall finally so I pulled out this beautiful Essie that my friend Krystal K. Sent me from canada when she was trying to get my Essie addiction started. It's a deep dark purple called sexy divide. So gorgeous. It was opaque and streak free with two coats. 
Super pretty right? It has a slight metallic look to it. So I decided to top a few of my nails special effects Nails Inc purple. This came in a three pack set. My bestie Alaina at don't spill the acetone got them for me!! I think it adds some pretty depth to it!
Makes them pretty. Reminds me of darling diva dirty deeds or a less great version of the forces polishes. Then I decided to experiment with my Hollywood stamper. It's the one on the commercials where you slide in your finger and stamp. I suck at regular stamping so thought this might work. After a few minutes if figuring it out I got it to stamp!! It sucks lol but once I figure out how to line my finger I think it will be great!!
Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!!

Ermahgerd Super Hot PINK Holo

So a little while ago I saw this huge display of mutiple colors of nail polish at Walgreens. I have to say I may be late to the party, but I had never heard of the brand. I picked them up and my first thought was the bottling looked exactly like Layla polish. My second thought was, I see walgreens jumped on the holo train. 

They were listed at 3.99 so in my head I didn't think they would be that great. After all, in my experience most holo polishes, at least good ones go for way more than that. Well, the next time I was there I looked a little closer and saw a super bright pink. I didn't really have a holo in that pink of a color so I grabbed a bottle. I honestly didn't have high hopes that it would look the way it did in the bottle. The one I got is Nabi hot pink. 

Fast forward to tonight, while working and doing homework I decided to try it. First coat, totally opaque and totally popping hot pink. I was amazed. And the holo was awesome. I threw on another coat because I'm OCD about how many coats I use. Added some seche fast dry and it didn't seem to dull it. 

Needless to say I'm amazed!! I want all the colors now and these would be great to throw in as extras for swaps. I'm going to try to get a pic in the sun tomorrow and will update but until then here is a picture in regular lighting and one with flash. Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I don't mean rhinestones by Lynnderalla

This is basically a photo heavy post. The pics aren't that great but I had to share them because this polish us amazing. So so so pretty!! I put on zoya black polish with this as a topper and boy does it shine. The prices for these polishes are a bit insane so I don't know if I can jump on board but I love the one I have!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quick sneak peek!!

I am going to do a whole blog about this amazing Limited Edition Literary Lacquers polish but for now ohhhhh n awwww with me!

Bunniful Info!!

Not a long blog just an important reminder!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Out the Door Top Coat One Thumb Down

I've heard great reviews for out the door top coat. I normally use seche vite or Essie's good to go too coat. I had a Sally's five dollar coupon so figured I would try this!
I tried it last night and bumped my hand against something 15 min after applying and it smudged. Tonight 45 min after and it did the same. This was applied over polishes that I've used before with one of the other top coats.
I like how it makes it shiny but it is nowhere near as fast drying as my other two. On that note unless I'm converted I will stick to my others!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's one of your beauty must haves?

Hi bunny friends! I decided once or twice a week I will post a review on a beauty must have. These are all products I have bought on my own and can't live without! None of these were sent to me to review,etc. 
This first week is a great find for me! I used to have the softest feet ever! But in the last year I have gotten my first ever callous on them and they have just gotten dry and rough. I attribute it to finally wearing socks and boots for half a year while living in NYC. Since I'm more a barefoot and flip flop kind of girl I'm sure this is a reason!
I've started using the callous foot soak I make along with the razor to get off yucky skin and it has been helping. Along with my foot mask once a week. BUT I bought this about two weeks ago and just remembered a few nights ago. I have been putting it on religiously every night and morning and OMG. My feet are soft and smooth and feel oh so moisturized. 
The best thing about it to me is that it's in a tube so you just slap it on. No getting it all over your hands and stuff. Maybe I'm weird but I hate getting stuff for one part of my body all over my hands. 
Anyways Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection Feels Like New Foot Softner is awesome!! That was a mouthful lol. They have it in a lotion bottle, a bigger stick and quite a few other products. I got the small stick to make sure I liked it. Which I do so this goes down under Bunny's bedside items to always have!! Try it out. I got mine at Sally's!!

Newest addition!! Meet Katniss Everdean Samuels!!

Many of you have seen my new baby all ready but just in case you haven't here she is in all her glory!
She was born July 5th and already provides so much fun in our house!! I got her addicted to kitty crack and now she climbs the stairs and paws at the door to get her dose! She sleeps downstairs with her sister Nala (my bro n sil cat) since all the other babies sleep in here. N of course we still have my baby thumper as well as Loki and Kobe!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Live laugh lacquer swap group!!

Who loves nailpolish and getting mail? I know those are two of my favorite things! Since becoming involved in the nail community I've met some amazing people, learned I hardly know anything about polish (it's a whole new world) and have a great collection going on!

One of the neatest things I've been in is swaps. This can be trading a polish for a polish, a one timed themed swap, a surprise partner swap or a monthly swap. 

My bestie and I have started a fun and drama free (if you have been in the polish community for longer than a day you know what I mean) monthly swap! Each month you get a new partner and you send her two polishes off her wishlist along with some extra goodies. You get your partner the beginning of the month and the ship by date is the 25th. 

Of course throughout the month we chat, get to know each other better, share our favorite things and pieces of our lives. We are even going to be doing a weekly mani challenge for fun!!

This is open worldwide to anyone!  We just ask that you have verifiable swap history BUT if you are new dont fret! Just message one of us and we can put you in. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. Feel free to share the link and invite people you think may be interested. It's tons of fun and there are some great girls!!

Essie Sleek Stick Uv Cured Nail Appliqués

I'm not a fan of nail stickers except the cute little decals but these were just too cute to pass up. At $8.00 it seemed a bit high but I figured why not? They were super easy to put on and sooooo adorable! BUT
Those are my nails after less than twelve hours. I didn't get my hands wet and didn't do much besides push buttons on my computer. Scratch my leg. Fees the cat and they all peeled off. Obviously I was not pleased and go with my opinion that these aren't for me. I've heard some people love them! Maybe it works better on some people's nails just like certain polish does. So my cousin likes these I will send my remaining ones to her. Boo.

Just a quick shout out to my Mama Gale!! She has a hilarious blog with the funniest pictures on it!! Be sure to check it out and share some funny pictures of your own!! Need something to brighten your day I guarantee you can find it here!!

Purex Amazing Deal at Walgreens!!

Thanks to my fellow coupon friends Gale M. And Ashley W. I was alerted to the Purex sale at Walgreens that lasts until Saturday! It's the 33 load bottles and they are $4.49 (at least at mine). Buy one get 2 free!! That's about $1.35 a piece. Also if you have the buy 2 get $1.00 off coupon you can get them for about 80 cents a piece if you get 6. So hurry over and grab yours! It's great to add to your stockpile!!

Oh my!! Enchanted polish Dijon in a bottle with China Glaze For Aubrey

Tonight I decided to play around with the only enchanted polish I own Dijon in a bottle. It was given to me by my amazing bestie Alaina!! I love love it. What it is is basically a polish that turns any polish holographic! Or you could probably wear it alone for a subtle wow effect, I just haven't tried it yet. I started out with China Glaze for Aubrey a favourite of mine. 
Then I threw on one coat of enchanted and it just makes it pop!! If you can only ever buy one bottle of enchanted polish go with Dijon in a bottle!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bunniful Bath & Beauty Products Price List

The day is getting closer!! A grand opening on September 6th with giveaways and discount codes! I figured I would let everyone see the price list and in the upcoming days a sneak peek at things being made and some reviews as well! Remember go like to keep up to date on the latest news!

Price list for products!!
Cuticle oil 4.00
Cuticle balm 4.00
Lip scrub 2 oz 4.00
Lip balm 4.00
Lip mask 2 oz 4.00
Organic sugar scrub 16 oz 8.00
Cinnamon milk oatmeal bath 16 oz 10.00
Organic coffee scrub 16 oz 10.00
Pumpkin scrub 16 oz 10.00
Salt scrub 16 oz 8.00
Dead Sea/Epsom bath salts 16 oz 9.00
Dead Sea/Epsom bath salts 8 oz 6.50
Body lotion 8 oz 6.00
Whipped body butter 16 oz 12.50
Vicks tabs pack of 4 4.00
Organic Soap ivory bar size 3.00
Face masks 2 oz 4.50
Foot soak 8 oz 5.00
Foot soak 16 oz 9.00
Foot scrub 8 oz 6.00
Hair mask 3.00
Organic Deep conditioner 8 oz 6.00
Organic Shampoo 8 oz 6.00
Bubble bath 16 oz 6.00
Body wash 8 oz 5.00
Hot hand mask with gloves 3.00
Hot foot mask with booties 3.00

Most everything can be made flavor or scent requested!! Everything is made to order.

Castle Creatch Owner Guest Blogger Andrea

Hi. I'm Andrea, and I've been making perfume and jewelry for years. Dawn asked me to be a guest blogger, so please bear with me - it's my first time - eeeeek!

Firstly, I'd like to thank Dawn for making this blog a happy place, and inviting me to Guest.  

Hmmmmmm.  Where to start.  I was a certified massage and aromatherapist in CA, where I was taught aromatherapy by a man who grew up "knowing" it in France.  Later, I put my own twist on things.  I distill all of my own essential oils - from flowers, plants, roots, leaves, fruits, foods - you name it!  Then, mixing them with a wee bit of pure jojoba oil (which is actually a plant wax) to make them skin safe.  At that point, the magic begins!  I create astonishing perfumes (alcohol and chemical free), which can be customized to YOUR desires!  No one else will have it. Here are the sizes that the perfumes come in!

My other passion is jewelry making.  I've learned to work with polymer resin to mold and bake amazing cameos.  They're then put into a sterling silver plated frame and given a necklace.  I also make cameos of porcelain/glass and photographs - of artwork, nature. you name it.  Since the image is underneath the glass, it will never scratch or fade.  Again, placed in sterling silver plated or brass settings and given the perfect necklace.  I put a lot of work into my designs.  I hope you'll like them.  And visit me at  Tell me your heart's desire, and I will work with you.  I hope to be seeing you very soon!  And love being a girl!

Additional blog posts have been requested by Dawn Bunny Bun-Bun, as I am a certified makeup fanatic, nail polish fiend, estethician, and a myriad of other things!

Here are some photos of what I do:

Thank you so much Andrea for the amazing blog post! You all MUST check out her store! Her perfume is simply earthy and amazing and I have my eye on the Tree Cameos that she makes!!
XOXO Bunny

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bunniful Bath & Beauty Products Grand Opening 13 Day Countdown!!!

Hi everyone!! Last year around the holidays I had started a small bath and body business. Everything was hand made, custom ordered and all natural. It went great, but some life changes threw me off course a bit. Since then, I have gotten settled and some of my previous customers are begging for me to start back, since they are all out of products! It is something I loved doing and I hope that I can share that love with you!

I make a wide variety of items and I can make the scent or flavor that you like, in addition to the normal ones that I usually carry. Right now I am waiting on my shipment of containers and labels for my new adventure! As soon as they come in I am off to work to get stock for my store opening! I am also lucky enough to have met many ladies with their own blogs and/or companies that are willing to review and promote some of my items. I even have previous customers ready to write reviews about some of the amazing products!

My new store will be at and will open August 6th for business!! Please please spread the word and be sure to like my page on facebook for all the up to date happenings!!

Here is a peek of my post just to let you all know what will be offered now or in the near future! Thank you all for your support!!

So excited about my new containers and new products coming with the store opening in 13 days!!! I will be sending out quite a few products to different people for reviews and possibly hosting a giveaway! Here is just a tasting of the products being offered in the new shop! Remember anything can be made for the scent or flavor you like as well as custom gift baskets or custom party/wedding favors etc!
*lip scrub
*lip balm
*lip mask
*sugar scrub
*milk bath
*coffee scrub
*salt scrub
*bath salts
*body lotion
*whipped body butter
*vicks tabs
*face masks
*foot soak
*foot scrub
*bubble bath
*body wash
*hot hand mask wraps w/gloves
*hot foot mask wraps w/gloves
*hair mask
I hope ya'll are as excited as I am!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Weight Loss and Energy? Yes Please!!

A few months ago a close friend of mine,Gisel told me about this new pill she was trying. Well I'm not one for shakes or diet fads because I always fall off the wagon. And the pills I've tried before made me eat more if not less!! But she sent me some samples and they are amazing!!

The best part to me is that they are all natural so even with my health problems I can take them. Not only do they curb your sweet tooth they give you energy as well!! I took them right before my surgery and lost ten pounds in two weeks. I've taken a break to heal but now I am back at it!! I highly recommend these amazing new pills!! Not only that they have tons of supplements and other energy products as well. Another great thing, they make you crave water which in my eyes is wonderful! Especially if you aren't a huge water drinker. 

Some people don't want to dive right in and get a whole bottle so I do offer one week and two week sample packs! Try them out and see how totally awesome they are. Just message me and I will be glad to get you started on some samples or a bottle!! If you become a preferred customer you can get a discount on these every month and have it auto shipped to you!

One final great thing!! If you need extra cash or want to make money on the side this is an awesome business to get involved in! I would love to help make you a distributor and add to my team! So don't wait message me for more details!! You can also learn more at 

Now that would be to sign you up as a preferred customer or a distributor. If you want sample packs message me and I can invoice you and get them right to you. By tomorrow morning I will have a separate website you can go to to order using PayPal!! Don't miss these life changing new products!!