Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Groupon Deal! One Year Sam's Club Membership $45

Everytime I get a stipend check or extra money I've always thrown a few dollars onto my groupon account to have groupon bucks. These come in super handy when money is tight or when an awesome deal comes along that I may not have the money for at that time. 

So when I saw the groupon deal for the Sam's club membership I got super excited. Kay and I had been discussing purchasing a membership maybe next year when we had extra money. We figured it would be a good investment for when we get our house to stock up on supplies and purchase electronics. 

This deal was $45 for a one year membership. You got two household membership cards plus you can always bring on guest with you. So I decides to get myself a card and bring Kay as my guest and offered the other card to my brother and sister in law. With this deal you also received a $20 gift card, vouchers for free food and over $200 in coupons. In essence the groupon more than paid for itself. 

We went today and got our membership cards and spent a couple hours waking the store. Of course they were giving out food samples all over so we filled our bellies too! They had some awesome prices on things we use all the time as well as several things that are on my Christmas list for other people. I found the new Keurig I've been wanting since mine got damaged in shipping from NYC to Tulsa. It was an awesome price so that is probably where Kay will get it for me. And stop the presses!! They had adult size footie pajamas with a hood. Cutest things ever!! 

Anyways we decides to use our food vouchers to add to the pot roast that was cooking at home. We got a rotisserie chicken, scalloped cheesy potatoes and an apple pie free. Then we went looking for what to use the gift card on. After going back and forth we decided on an awesome fuzzy throw and a pack of two gel memory foam pillows. I also found some fuzzy slippers. We only ended up paying $2.07 in tax for all these items. So all in all a great trip! 

I think you can also use manufacture coupons there as well. What do you buy when you go there? What products are great prices to you?

Here's a few pictures of our goodies. Check out getting a membership I think it's worth it.  I believe the groupon deal is over but the memberships are still reasonably priced. 

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