Friday, October 4, 2013

A 3 in one review post!!

It's fall finally so I pulled out this beautiful Essie that my friend Krystal K. Sent me from canada when she was trying to get my Essie addiction started. It's a deep dark purple called sexy divide. So gorgeous. It was opaque and streak free with two coats. 
Super pretty right? It has a slight metallic look to it. So I decided to top a few of my nails special effects Nails Inc purple. This came in a three pack set. My bestie Alaina at don't spill the acetone got them for me!! I think it adds some pretty depth to it!
Makes them pretty. Reminds me of darling diva dirty deeds or a less great version of the forces polishes. Then I decided to experiment with my Hollywood stamper. It's the one on the commercials where you slide in your finger and stamp. I suck at regular stamping so thought this might work. After a few minutes if figuring it out I got it to stamp!! It sucks lol but once I figure out how to line my finger I think it will be great!!
Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!!

Ermahgerd Super Hot PINK Holo

So a little while ago I saw this huge display of mutiple colors of nail polish at Walgreens. I have to say I may be late to the party, but I had never heard of the brand. I picked them up and my first thought was the bottling looked exactly like Layla polish. My second thought was, I see walgreens jumped on the holo train. 

They were listed at 3.99 so in my head I didn't think they would be that great. After all, in my experience most holo polishes, at least good ones go for way more than that. Well, the next time I was there I looked a little closer and saw a super bright pink. I didn't really have a holo in that pink of a color so I grabbed a bottle. I honestly didn't have high hopes that it would look the way it did in the bottle. The one I got is Nabi hot pink. 

Fast forward to tonight, while working and doing homework I decided to try it. First coat, totally opaque and totally popping hot pink. I was amazed. And the holo was awesome. I threw on another coat because I'm OCD about how many coats I use. Added some seche fast dry and it didn't seem to dull it. 

Needless to say I'm amazed!! I want all the colors now and these would be great to throw in as extras for swaps. I'm going to try to get a pic in the sun tomorrow and will update but until then here is a picture in regular lighting and one with flash. Enjoy!!