Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bunniful Bath & Beauty Products Grand Opening 13 Day Countdown!!!

Hi everyone!! Last year around the holidays I had started a small bath and body business. Everything was hand made, custom ordered and all natural. It went great, but some life changes threw me off course a bit. Since then, I have gotten settled and some of my previous customers are begging for me to start back, since they are all out of products! It is something I loved doing and I hope that I can share that love with you!

I make a wide variety of items and I can make the scent or flavor that you like, in addition to the normal ones that I usually carry. Right now I am waiting on my shipment of containers and labels for my new adventure! As soon as they come in I am off to work to get stock for my store opening! I am also lucky enough to have met many ladies with their own blogs and/or companies that are willing to review and promote some of my items. I even have previous customers ready to write reviews about some of the amazing products!

My new store will be at and will open August 6th for business!! Please please spread the word and be sure to like my page on facebook for all the up to date happenings!!

Here is a peek of my post just to let you all know what will be offered now or in the near future! Thank you all for your support!!

So excited about my new containers and new products coming with the store opening in 13 days!!! I will be sending out quite a few products to different people for reviews and possibly hosting a giveaway! Here is just a tasting of the products being offered in the new shop! Remember anything can be made for the scent or flavor you like as well as custom gift baskets or custom party/wedding favors etc!
*lip scrub
*lip balm
*lip mask
*sugar scrub
*milk bath
*coffee scrub
*salt scrub
*bath salts
*body lotion
*whipped body butter
*vicks tabs
*face masks
*foot soak
*foot scrub
*bubble bath
*body wash
*hot hand mask wraps w/gloves
*hot foot mask wraps w/gloves
*hair mask
I hope ya'll are as excited as I am!!!

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