Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's one of your beauty must haves?

Hi bunny friends! I decided once or twice a week I will post a review on a beauty must have. These are all products I have bought on my own and can't live without! None of these were sent to me to review,etc. 
This first week is a great find for me! I used to have the softest feet ever! But in the last year I have gotten my first ever callous on them and they have just gotten dry and rough. I attribute it to finally wearing socks and boots for half a year while living in NYC. Since I'm more a barefoot and flip flop kind of girl I'm sure this is a reason!
I've started using the callous foot soak I make along with the razor to get off yucky skin and it has been helping. Along with my foot mask once a week. BUT I bought this about two weeks ago and just remembered a few nights ago. I have been putting it on religiously every night and morning and OMG. My feet are soft and smooth and feel oh so moisturized. 
The best thing about it to me is that it's in a tube so you just slap it on. No getting it all over your hands and stuff. Maybe I'm weird but I hate getting stuff for one part of my body all over my hands. 
Anyways Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection Feels Like New Foot Softner is awesome!! That was a mouthful lol. They have it in a lotion bottle, a bigger stick and quite a few other products. I got the small stick to make sure I liked it. Which I do so this goes down under Bunny's bedside items to always have!! Try it out. I got mine at Sally's!!

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  1. I need to try this. My feet get so dry and yuck during winter.