Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guess Who's Back? Back Again!! Tell a Friend!!

Well, the Bunny is back!! I know I have been MIA lately and my blog went off the rails for a bit. My hard laid plans took a backseat to that which is life. BUT, I think and hope everything is looking up now and under control!

Those closer to me know that in June I made an unexpected move from New York City down to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Talk about a change! I am currently living with family but will be looking for a home of my own very soon. I am still in school of course and working nights as well. I am ready to hop back on the cooking, couponing and nail band wagon so I hope you all tune in!!

I had an emergency appendectomy the other day and that was not fun. Considering it was my first surgery I faired somewhat well but I NEVER want to do that again. Guess I won't since I only have one appendix lol.

Anyways, a few packages to winners have been shipped and I have one more thing to get out to then I hope to hold another giveaway very soon. I am looking in to doing more reviews on products as well. So, if you see something that seems awesome, let me know so maybe I can check it out!

I did add two new additions to my fur baby family. I have Thumper the bunny of course but now I have 2 rescue puppies named Loki (golden one) and Kobe (black one). They are between 5-7 weeks old and possibly a chi mix, I am unsure but they are tiny. I am sure you will be getting to know them well over the tim to come.

What has been going on in ya'lls lives? How is everyone enjoying their summer?

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