Friday, August 2, 2013

OMG Raspberry Cordial be still my bunny heart

Another polish is back again from Literary Lacquers. If I set out to own all one brand it will be these polishes. Not only am I a bookworm and these are based off books, but they are just so unique and beautiful!

Today's polish is Raspberry Cordial from the Anne of Green Gables collection. In the bottle it looks somewhat dark pinkish red. You can see holo and chunks of glitter, so to me I had no idea how it would look.

OMG!! It is amazing!! This has to be one of the best dark yet bright at the same time pink holographic polishes I have run across. As always the application was perfect. I used two coats for this and couldn't stop staring at my nails. Even on the back porch under the light they were glimmering!!

There are 5 more polishes from this collection and I am lucky enough to own them!! I will be posting them in the days to come so be sure and keep an eye out. I have heard there will be a new collection coming soon so make sure to check her site out and place an order!!


  1. Its not fair.....why cant the UK have as many indies makers are the USA :(