Friday, August 30, 2013

Out the Door Top Coat One Thumb Down

I've heard great reviews for out the door top coat. I normally use seche vite or Essie's good to go too coat. I had a Sally's five dollar coupon so figured I would try this!
I tried it last night and bumped my hand against something 15 min after applying and it smudged. Tonight 45 min after and it did the same. This was applied over polishes that I've used before with one of the other top coats.
I like how it makes it shiny but it is nowhere near as fast drying as my other two. On that note unless I'm converted I will stick to my others!


  1. thanks for posting this. most will post only good reviews on a product they would buy so it's nice to find reviews on why not to buy something.

  2. Few, thank you for this, I was thinking about trying it.