Sunday, March 31, 2013

My weight loss


So the other night going through pictures I didn't really realize how much weight I have lost. I think my scale has a mind of its own but as far as a non scale victory I'm on a size 11 tightly lol and a 13 comfortably. I love it!! I want my tummy to go down more and tone things up but I'm happy on the path I'm on. The fluffy picture if me is September 2011 and the thinner picture is March 2013. What a difference!! I really had no clue what I looked like till this new picture and when I went shopping and Kay pointed out the clothes I was picking up were way to big for me lol. I haven't been exercising I have to say its the pills I'm on for my back and I just eat smaller portions but still what I want. I'm sure at some point I will hit a plateau and have to change things up. As far as exercise I have to wait till I'm done with back surgery but regardless I'm happy with my new less fluffy self!!

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