Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the beginning....

About a little over 8 months ago, I was having a vampire bunny moment. Up all night, couldn't sleep with absolutely no one around to talk to! I was hanging out on a coupon group I love and ran into a funny, witty and sarcastic lady named Tami. Who knew that she would be the beginning to my fall down the rabbit hole of polish. We discussed polishes we liked ( all I knew was OPI and a few drugstore brands) and she threw out tons of ones I had never heard of.

THEN, she gave me a link to the Layla holo's and changed my world lol. I immediately feel in love with it and made it my mission the next morning to drag Kay all over Miami until I found it. That was my first "expensive" polish and my first holo. From there on, I was addicted. It wasn't too bad at first since we were in the middle of a move and I just had a lot going on. But, as the months progressed and I talked with Tami and a few other ladies that loved polish my hobby grew. I figured there were a lot worse things that I could be addicted to and spend my money on, so why not this? After all, I have always been attracted to makeup and beauty products and anything with color and glitter.

I didn't seriously start "collecting" or expanding my collection till November. I started picking up ones that I saw around and even had it to where Kay would say as soon as we entered a store " I know you want a polish, go find one." I picked up ones here and there that caught my fancy, mostly being OPI or Nichole by OPI. Then I got on Amazon and oh boy.....My wishlist grew huge and I started buying more and more.

Come February, Tami asked if I wanted to join a birthday swap group, which is basically 12 ladies and each month is the birthday girl. All 11 ladies send polishes to her and then when it is your month you get 11 packages. I love mail, I love gifts and I love polish so what could be better than that? It's been a bit bumpy, with people coming and going but the group seems great now. I firmly believe that we should all get to know each other, because who wants to send gifts to strangers. In that group, my coupon buddy Linda (from the blog My Two Crazy Curls) was already there and then I met Alaina. She is my soul lesbian sister lol. Then of course there is Ci, who has the best nails ever, a huge collection and is full of surprises! I talk to these ladies constantly and Tami and Alaina are always there when I need them. Same twisted sense of humor and similar problems in life. What better thing, polish and new friends!

From there, I took part in a themed Bunny swap for Easter. I had a blast shopping for my international partner in Australia and was hooked! I did learn though, that just because you want to spoil your bunny or give her more than the minimum, not everyone is like that. It was a bit disappointing, but hey suck it up and move on. Since I am now sooooo excited to get a nail mail package I joined a monthly swap where you get a new partner every month and a package from them. This should satisfy my swap craving I think, lol.

Where I started out with maybe 40 polishes and just a wishlist in my head I now have about 138 polishes. They are even organized on a stash list! I have tons more coming in the mail that I can't wait to use and add to my list. I am still not "up" on the whole nail world as one polish snob was quick to point out, but my goal isn't to be the most knowledgeable or spend the most money or brag the most. It's just to collect things I love and to meet amazing people along the way. My wishlist is huge and contains tons of polish makers I had never heard of and I am getting to explore tons of brands. I am even slowly pulling my cousin Theresa into it and sending her polishes here and there that she may like. She looked great in the Ulta Envy color I sent her and she went and bought a bright yellow color that most spring lines have and it looks amazing on her. I never knew what a no buy was but I think I may have to put myself on one soon, lol.

I am trying to stop smoking and everyday that I don't smoke I am going to buy myself a polish. I failed today, boo but there is always tomorrow.

Basically, this is a little background on my journey into the polish world. I quite like it here and think I will stay for awhile!! I plan to post pics of my mani's with my polishes. I know they aren't the neatest, or the greatest. I know my nail beds aren't wonderful, or my nails long, or whatever else anyone likes to point out, but they make me happy and that's all that matter!!

So welcome and have fun along the way!



  1. <3 I'm sure we are going to see amazing things here Dawn!!! I love to be part of this history since bhe beggining... <3

  2. Awe thank you Ci!! I'm So glad to have met you and excited about all I can learn from you. Not only are u my nail hero your an awesome and sooooo funny friend :)