Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring shopping!!


The past few weeks I've been shopping for spring and summer stuff. Mainly because I've dropped two to three sizes from my clothes I wore last year and also because I am in love with these spring colors. I am normally not a bright color person and I always shy away from yellow and green but I've been converted!! I thought they didn't look right with my skin tone but I was wrong!! I totally fell in love with these three dresses. The first dark yellow Kay picked out for me to wear Saturday to see wicked on broadway!! I love it because its reminiscent of the Marilyn Monroe type of dress and the color is soooo popping!! The middle one though you can't see very well has neon yellowish green under the white lace. So cute and I got neon yellowish green sandals to match. That was from aeropostle and they had fifty off everything in the store. How could I refuse that!! The third one is pink and covered in sequins. Just a cute slip dress but this bunny is loving it!! I had a great shopping day today with Kay!!!

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