Sunday, March 31, 2013

My April Turn on the Brights Julep Box


It came!! I am sooooo excited to try these colors out!! Usually every month I forget to choose my box and get stuck with stuff I don't want and colors I don't care for. I am a huge fan of julep products and like the polish just usually not the colors. This month I loved all the bright colors so much I couldn't pass them up!! I really was logging on just to make sure I got a few cute colors to try out with the mighty nail & cuticle serum but ended up getting them all!! It also came with dry shampoo I can't wait to try as well since I love got2beu dry shampoo and conditioner. Now the mighty nail & cuticle serum has keratin for your nails and collagen for your cuticles. Your supposed to apply twice daily for two weeks then once a week for maintenance. Between this and my lemony flutter my cuticles should be the shizz nit!! Photos of my mani with these colors coming soon!!

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