Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our first Broadway Show!!


So for years and years I've dreamed of seeing a show on Broadway. Rent was one of my top picks but I was a few years to late for it. Last time we lived in NYC we didn't go to Broadway and I was super sad so this time I didn't miss the chance!! We went to see Wicked Saturday afternoon and OMG was it amazing!! A few times before I saw it I griped about the price but I can totally say it was worth it. The songs were beautiful, it was super funny and really just indescribable. I think everyone should see a Broadway show once! I have to admit I'm hooked. I loved seeing Defying Gravity my favorite and my cousin Theresa's favorite song in person. Kay loved it and all last night and today we have been singing numbers from the show. I grabbed a tshirt and some souvenirs for my cousin and some friends and took as many pictures as I remembered to lol. I do have to admit for weeks I looked forward to this and not only did I wake up late I had the time wrong so we had to rush and get ready and hop a cab there. My long leisurely preparation with a lush bath and great hairstyle were thrown to the wind but once I was there it didn't matter. I'm so excited to go again!! I think the next one will be the lion king but before that we plan to go to Brooklyn Arts and Music Dance Africa that's coming in May!

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