Friday, May 24, 2013

Rainbow Honey & Kelara Polish

Tonight I went ahead and did my Mani for my Monday challenge in the polish group I'm in. I used my Rainbow Honey Robot Collection polish that I bought during the sale, which are metallics in femme bot which is the pink and skyward bot which is the blue. I topped the blue with Kelara daydream I got as an ROAK from Lisa S.

The Rainbow Honey had a easy application and with two coats it was streak free. The Kelara was a bit harder to get on because the glitter is heavy and has a tendency to settle at the bottom. But with a good shake it was good to go!! I love the Girly look of this. 

This is one coat of Nailrek Xtra with two coats of Rainbow Honey and then one coat of Kelara. 

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