Friday, May 31, 2013

My First Ipsy Bag Review!

So, a few ladies I know had been bragging about the Ipsy bag and saying how great it was. You get some full sized products and sample products every month to try out from different brands. All beauty related products. I am a sucker for girly products so I thought why not give it a try? You fill out a profile on your colors and what type of products you use.After all, it's only $10 a month and the price of the products you get in the bag more than surpasses that. This month, May was a big deal because you would get a full size Zoya polish, which alone is $8. If you also had two friends sign up, you got an Urban Decay eyeshadow (swoon). I didn't get the friends but my Alaina sent me one in my swap box. Yes, I am spoiled lol.

Soooooooo, the waiting and stalking of the mailbox began. I finally got my first bag. I tore into it because I was SO excited.

I received a full size Zoya Gie Gie which is a bit light for me but still beautiful pink and glittery and we know Bunny loves the glitter. I got a full sized Pacifica roll on in Gardenia (gag--I totally do not like floral scents and this was made clear in my profile..I thought). A full size Mirabella lipstick in Posy (I don't wear lipstick this was also noted in my profile). Clear brow gel and a small sample of concealer. I admit, I opened my bag poured it out and was deflated. I had heard there was the possiblity of getting body butter or self tanner, macadamia oil, a vanilla roll on, lipgloss, etc. I figured with my profile I was bound to get one of those..But it was not to be. I admit I was upset.

I wrote their customer service to let them know that I was disappointed in the fact that I felt like the bag was not tailored to me nor were some important things taken into consideration like I hate floral scents and I never wear lipstick. They responded super quick within 48 hours and said they were shipping me a new bag with all new products and they were sorry. I was like how great is that!! Soooooo, the waiting began again! And finally my new bag came.

I opened it and..... sigh... I did get a Pacifica body butter which smells wonderful and I love. I obviously didn't get the vanilla roll on because it was the same brand, something I did not realize. I got ANOTHER Zoya Gie Gie which is fine because I have someone in mind that loves pinks and will give it to her. I received another concealer sample and.......Big Sexy Hair sample...which was not even in the list of products that were supposed to be in the bag and a Bare Minerals lipgloss in dare devil which is also not the brand of lipgloss being offered this month. Luckily, I love the lipgloss, it is plumping and a pretty color BUT I kind of felt like yes they offered me a new bag because they didn't follow my profile.....BUT it's like they threw in other months leftovers to make a bag. I did a little research and saw that the Big Sexy Hair and the lipgloss were things sent out in the last few months. I was looking forward to trying the brand of lipgloss they advertised, not a leftover (but like I said luckily I like it). And the big hair sample? IDK

Overall, I am kind of lukewarm about the bag so far. I get its only $10 and you get a chance to try all kinds of products. I love the fact that they understood why I was upset and sent me a new bag. I don't like the fact that you fill out a profile and it seems like they don't go by it. I also didn't like the fact that I feel like they threw in leftovers in the bag. If they were doing that they could of sent a we ran out of the others..or threw in extras..Just kind of blah about it. My friend Alaina had the same reaction. She is African American and they sent her concealer and things more for a Caucasian person. I believe they are sending her a new bag as well. My friend Tami never received her bag and they told her they would send her a new one but it might not have the products from this month in it. So, kind of like my leftover bag.

I am going to give it a try for a month or two more and see if it changes my mind. Not to say that the products I did get aren't amazing and neat to try, it's just how everything happened. But, if you read the reviews there are lot's of happy people. I say for $10 you aren't losing much, so hey why not try it. If you decide you do, here's the link to sign up and please let me know how your experience is!

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