Friday, May 17, 2013

Jade Holografico Fascinio Violeta

As most of you know I am a nail polish fanatic. I collect it, I talk about it, I write about it, I just love it. One of my favorite types is holographic polish which is just like you are thinking, the polish shows a holographic rainbow in it if its linear and if its scattered then its just a twinkling holographic effect. 
I was always told Jade was one of the best brands. It is a bit hard to get because its s Brazilian polish but I stumbled across a few in blog sales and I jumped on the chance to own one. 
My main issue with holographic a was the way they applied was thin and streaky and that you can't wear a normal base coat or top coat. So I finally got what ever holo polish collector needs, an aqua base. I went with Nfu-oh aqua base because I have heard great things about it. 
So for this particular mani I have a coat of Nailtec Xtra which I've been using to strengthen and grow my nails. I then applied a thin coat of Nfu-oh aqua base. Now here's the thing, this will never completely dry. You paint your nail color over it while its wet and it combined with the colored polish will dry. 
Next,I put on two coats of Jade. What I love about this is though its a bit thin, it goes on perfect. No streaks and no bubbles. The brush is an absolute dream it just applies flawlessly. It is nothing like some of the other holo polishes I have tried like Layla or China Glaze.
Finally, I did an accent nail with Hard Candy hip hip hooray. Now I rarely wear a top coat because most people say it takes away from the holographic effect. On that note the pictures holding the Hard Candy bottle are the ones with the top coat. I used Seche Fast Drying Top Coat and I honestly saw no change in the holo effect. 
I have to say everything about this polish is a dream. I absolutely love it and I can't wait to own more colors in this line. After all, what's better than the color purple and adding a holographic effect to it? Why that's Bunny heaven!!


  1. This polish is just beautiful and I would like to see more nail art. :)

  2. This polish is just drop dead gorgeous! And I see you got aquabase. Jealous! :D