Friday, May 17, 2013

Check out my Sally Hansen Deal at CVS

So, today I took advantage of the Extra Care Bucks being offered by CVS on Sally Hansen nail polishes. Now through tomorrow they are giving you $5 extra care bucks when you make a purchase of 10.00 worth of nail polish. You are allowed a limit of 6 times!!
Basically, what I did was roll my transactions. Meaning for my first transaction I bought 2 Sally insta-dri polishes @ 5.79 each. I then used 2 of my $4 off 1 polish coupons that were in the 5/5 red plum inserts. This brought my total down to $3.58 plus tax. I paid right around $4.00 and got back $5 in extra care bucks. 
I then bought 2 more polishes and used two more of the same coupons. I added in two candies worth about 2.00 to bring my total  up over 5.00. I then used my extra care buck of 5.00 and only paid tax which was around thirty cents. I repeated this scenario six times total. 
In the end I ended up with 12 polishes for around 5.00 total and still walked out with $5 in extra care bucks.
Now all couponers have the oh crap instances. In reality what I should of done was get three polish each transaction instead of the candy and it would of come out right around the same price in the end. Allowing me 18 polishes for $5. 
But you live and you learn and now I have lots of chocolate to eat while painting my nails. Hurry over and get your deal today!!

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  1. I'd like to see these kind of post's more often. It really helps use on how to use coupons and stuff.