Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You Ready to Enter Bunny's World?

      Thank you all for stopping by our little piece of the world. Recently, a light bulb came on in Kay's head and she thought that it would be total awesome sauce to put all my time I spend on the internet and her creative ability to good use! So, the launch of came to be!
      It is of course connected with our Facebook page , Twitter account  and our YouTube Channel Seems like a lot of accounts, but we would love for you to like or follow them all! After all, you wouldn't want to miss something. I mean I could do a post that just rocks your world! Doesn't everyone need to know how to organize their sock drawer?
      Our main goal of having a social media presence is to be able to share things we know, experience new things and just make people smile. With that being said, we want to have a variety of things. I don't want you coming here every day (yes, I said every day) and just see the same type of topics over and over. I think there are enough one topic related blogs out there and I have way to much energy and glittery things going on to only focus on one thing.....oh look, squirrel!! Between Kay and I, I believe we can find something that will interest everyone. It may not be that particular day, but I am a positive Bunny and there is always the next day.
      This is a work in progress and I am sure things may change here and there as we learn and grow with ya'll. Themed days are planned and we hope to alternate a blog post with a video post each day.So there will always be plenty to talk about and I am open to researching and learning about things you would like to hear about! All comments will be answered because I want interaction, I want your thoughts and opinions and questions! Off the top of my head, I know that we will be featuring nails, couponing, cooking, books, movies, exercise, makeup tips, haircare (dreads and hair dying), places of interest in New York City, current events, fishing and of course my superstar bunny Thumper!!
     There are tons more things that I know will be coming, but it's a little much to put all my ideas out there and it would probably bore you to death....This is kind of long as it is, so I might want to wrap it up before I lose you! So, a few more things, I am also lucky enough to know some other awesome bloggers who will be making guest appearances. Basically, it's going to be a great big hodgepodge of ideas made into blogs and How-To Videos!
      So please, sit back and enjoy the experience with us! I have learned you never know what life will give you, what you could learn or who you will meet so let's get this adventure started!
      After all, it it Bunny's world, so come along for the ride!


  1. Bunny!!!! Bunny!!!! Bunny!!! I want to see recipes... fast and easy ones to fix dinner after classes with a Bunny accent <3

  2. Ok Ci I can definitely find some quick and easy dinner ideas for you! Haha and deliver it with a Bunny accent. I maybe might even Asian Bunny cry!