Monday, April 1, 2013

Trying Julep Again...


Ok so someone told me that the top came off the julep bottles. Yes I admit I had no clue!! Lol and they said that might help with applying it so I gave it another whirl. This is two base coats of seche clear base with two coats of julep Lena and then on the pinky nail two coats of julep Abbie. I applied one coat of seche fast dry on top. The application was a bit easier and I tried to put as thin of coats as possible but it still stemmed clumpy to me. Either the coat went on too thin it didn't even make a full line or too thick. Maybe it's just me I'm not sure but it not my favorite by far. Also the colors seem so bright and popping and they don't really seem that way on the nail. This is honestly a pass if your thinking about buying the collection for the amazing colors. Overall, I'm just disappointed. :(

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