Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its a New Year! Happy New Year 2013!!

    So, it's a new year and if things go right a new me! I purposely chose to have today as a lazy day just because I know everything kicks into gear tomorrow for me, at least. I have so many goals/resolutions that I am ready to tackle this year. I tend to make it through the end of January normally and then fall off the band wagon for the rest of the year. Being able to make these goals habits is my main objective. Of course, this blog won't just be about those goals, but about my life and thoughts in general. But, it being the new year of course I must start out with this :)
   Among the things I have thrown on my plate for the year, one of them is of course weight loss. Now, I am not trying to get skinny, more just to get to a weight where I feel comfortable and healthy. Adding in some exercises to get off my butt and make better food choices. Dieting just doesn't work for me and I feel deprived. I am also working on myself mentally. I finally went to the doctor about getting on some meds for anxiety and mood swings among other things. Seems I won the crazy gene pool on both sides and that seems to be affecting my life more and more as I get older. Working harder in school and giving it more time in my life is another priority. I can make good grades not really studying but I feel I need to devote more of myself to this, if it's to be a career at some point in the future. I want to break down some walls that I have around me and allow myself to be more emotional and honest with others, but I need to first make sure they are deserving. How I plan to determine that, I have no clue. Overall, I just want to stay focused. I tend to get distracted by bright and shiny objects so if I can just keep my eye on the prize, and constantly remind myself, I can accomplish these things. Seems like a lot on my plate, huh? I figure I might as well go for it all. All or nothing.
   This blog is something else I committed to do as well. I scheduled it where I will blog on Mondays and Thursdays normally. I had to give myself a set time, because once again, I get distracted. I am not sure what life has in store for me for 2013 but I am going into it with high hopes. I am lucky to have some amazing people in my life and a good support group and with that around and my amazingly awesome self, anything is possible.
  For anyone bored enough to read this, lol, I hope that the new year brings you everything that you hope and work for as well.


  1. I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

  2. I am totally excited to have you with me!! You are an amazing cousin and wonderful special woman :) I luvs ya!